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Mayo, 2009


The New Dream Team!!!


dream team

Visca el Barça!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copa Lliga i Champions!!!!!


Edinburgh Stirling

Edinburgh Royal Mail
Stirling Monument to
Sir William Wallace
Guardian of Scotland
Sir William Wallace, a knight who was almost a giant in size. William Wallace's men drove the English out of the country and Wallace was made the "Guardian of the Realm." Edward then led a great army against him. The Scottish soldiers were nearly all on foot. Wallace arranged them in hollow squares, spearmen on the outside, bowmen within. The English horsemen dashed vainly against the walls of spear-points. But King Edward now brought his archers to the front. Thousands of arrows flew from their bows and thousands of William Wallace's men fell dead. The spears were broken and the Scots were defeated. Wallace barely escaped with his life. He was afterwards betrayed to Edward, who cruelly put him to death. He was hung, drawn and quartered in Smithfield, London.

April in Scotland

so many meetings but we had sometime to visit the cities of Edinburgh and Stirling...and of course try some whisky!

and we had dinner at the Whitchery the Best Restaurant in Edinburgh
Located in the most historic part of the building the Witchery is rich, warm and atmospheric, its oak-panelled walls hung with tapestries, mirrors and carvings. Spectacular painted and gilded ceilings similar to those at the Palace of Holyrood House celebrate our links with France in the Auld Alliance, whilst much of the panelling was rescued from St Giles Cathedral and a Burgundian Chateau. Gilded antique leather screens, polished church candlesticks and opulent red leather seating completes the setting of this magical dining location...
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